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A new computing platform

A new computing platform

SRC software tools make it easy to create a reconfigurable processor tailored to your application and then execute your code directly on that processor. You write your code in standard C syntax.

The SRC Carte™ Programming Environment compiler:

  1. Extracts the maximum parallelism from the application code.
  2. Creates a unified executable and generates logic that is instantiated on the reconfigurable processor.
  3. Generates all the required interface code to manage the movement of data to and from the processors.

All the required interface and management code is contained in Carte run-time libraries.

Developers can use Carte to emulate and simulate compiled code, allowing the use of standard debugging tools.

Breakthrough technology

Breakthrough technology

  • Single slot Moonshot cartridge
  • Up to 64 Gbytes SDRAM in 2 banks
  • 32 Mbytes SRAM in 4 banks
  • Multiple GEthernet data ports
  • Integrated network processing
  • Integrated offload engines
  • Dynamically reconfigurable
  • The SRC Carte Programming Environment





Energy Usage


Space Usage

Extremely Low Latency

Offer your customers response times in microseconds instead of milliseconds. Being able to get more work done in a smaller amount of time means new features can be added without impacting the response time of a web page. Decreasing the time required to complete a transaction to microseconds instead of milliseconds means the risk of integrating new applications is significantly decreased.

Deterministic Performance

The same job will run in the same amount of time, every time. This is impossible when your application depends on an operating system. For any web service where performance matters, consistent time processing reduces the complexity of failure detection. Errors are detected  and corrected more quickly with a deterministic system.

Increased throughput

Now you can simultaneously process more work at the same time than with a microprocessor-based system. The higher throughput allows you to combine multiple applications onto a single Saturn 1 Server. This not only reduces the footprint in your data center, but it dramatically reduces complexity, increasing the reliability of your of your solution.

decreased cost

Greatly reduce both capital costs and operating costs by running your applications on the Saturn 1 Sever. By doing more processing with far less energy all associated data center costs are dramatically reduced, increasing profitability and freeing up resources to offer more value to your customers.

simplified solution

Much of what modern languages and tools give developers is an abstraction. The code developers write for the Saturn 1 Server is a very direct reflection of your business logic.

A historic origin

SRC Computers was founded in 1996 by Jim Guzy and the father of the supercomputer, Seymour R Cray, with the mission to invent a new computing platform.

A core team of senior engineers led by CEO, Jon Huppenthal developed integrated software and hardware protected by over 1,000 granted U.S. patent claims.

Over the last 19 years the company has successfully delivered products to a variety of government agencies. Systems have operated in military deployments uninterrupted for over a decade.

Seymour Cray


Jim Guzy


Comprehensive Solutions

Airborne / Portable Systems

Portable systems are designed for use in harsh environments, including both ground-based and airborne applications, offering lower size, weight and power than alternative solutions.

Hyperscale Servers

SRC Computers has developed the Saturn 1 Server for today's hyperscale server environments. The Saturn 1 Server provides unequaled performance and significantly lower TCO than traditional servers.

Rack Mounted 1U and 2U Systems

Rack mount MAPstation™ systems put the processing power of hundreds of microprocessors into 1U and 2U form factors. The SRC High Density MAPstation System is a general purpose system targeted at compute intensive applications.

Scalable Systems and Servers

SRC Scalable Systems and Servers can reduce the footprint and power consumption by orders of magnitude compared to microprocessor-based systems, while meeting the needs of the most demanding applications.

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Comments from our customers

We were amazed at the difference that the Saturn 1 and the FPGA approach made in performance. This was a completely new paradigm; our logic had become firmware with no operating system, running orders of magnitude faster and more consistent.

Jingit, Co-Founder